Coated Chocolates


Want to impress someone? Place this gorgeous coated chocolates box in front of them. Choose from a wide variety of Coated chocolates like Almond Coated Nutties, Hazel Choco Nutties, Peanut Choco Nutties etc. Order Online coated chocolates for Just Bornn chocolates.



Chocolate clearly speak the language of love and affection. When it is gifted to someone it helps to express the deepest moments of your heart effortlessly.Our coated chocolates beautifully packaged in a cute gift box. Each coated chocolates category is made using fine ingredients, which is unusual & delicious in taste. We have been moulding and dipping chocolates since many years. We proudly offer our valuable customers the high quality, aesthetically crafted coated chocolates here at Just Bornn Chocolates. All our high quality, tastycoated chocolates are made to ensure primary customer satisfaction. So eventually rise and take your chocolate temptations to an extra high level.


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